Ferry Boat Inn Sun, Apr 08 2018 20:00

Head to Head!

Jonny G

As the geese in Walthamstow wetlands stubbornly ignored the quiz, two teams went head to head at The Ferry Boat Inn. 'The Regulars' and the deceptively named 'Ronnie' (a team of two), sat across from each other, ready to answer. Numerically, both teams would definitely win a prize. But which one?!

The tension could not be cut with a knife, which is for the best, really. Everyone had a nice time.

Although both teams asserted that they were 'too old' to know the answers, at the end of the first round 'The Regulars' were just in the lead, with 8 points. After question 40, both were tied with 16.

Both teams calmly agreed that neither knew the answer to first tie-breaker, so they weren't going to answer it. However, The 'Regular's' knowledge of West Brom won the day. The bar tab is theirs!

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