Ferry Boat Inn Sun, Feb 25 2018 20:00

In The Bleak Midwinter......

Keith H

...was not the answer to the musical round. But, amber weather warnings or not a hardy three teams materialised out of the murk, and a very jolly night was had. I can just about get my head round the fact that new comers 'Third Place', were actually both runners-up and second to last, just one whole point ahead of the 'Regulars', who got their own back by getting closer to the £385 jackpot than anyone has done yet, being defeated only by the vanishingly small chance that two consecutive cards were the same. Aces, yet! 'Lower!'. They said. 'It has to be!' I replied Just as well I'm not in charge...OH. 'Norfolk Enchance' slipped home winners by a very small margin, but it was a good lively night, with some old favourite rounds back. See you next week!

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