Ferry Boat Inn Sun, Mar 25 2018 20:00

It's Definitely Spring!

Keith H

For some teams it very definitely is, but in all events, everyone's clocks had obviously gone forward, and with ten minutes to go we were up to an exciting nine teams, with a very healthy mix of faithful supporters, out of towners, and impulse entrants. In fact, we overflowed our usual space, the sort of thing that makes a quiz host's life absolutely THRILLING. It was a wonderful bouncy night, at least one Dane thinking 'I have no idea how I knew that' and some really cheering guesses at what McDonald's fries could conceivably cure. I shall treasure forever the 'When have YOU ever watched Sex and The City??' moment. Wonderful what a quiz teaches one about one's nearest and dearest!

It was a very tight-packed field: there was only half a point in it for the bottle of wine and some very close calls indeed, but in the end, our new arrivals 'The Four Quizzeteers' (have you ever done this before??) opened a reasonable margin with a particularly strong second half. And also, thank you, 'Kingfishers' for the freelance artwork you found the time to put on the back of your answer sheet. It's in my fridge. Awwwww.:)

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