Ferry Boat Inn Sun, Mar 18 2018 20:00

We Few, We Hardy Few.....

Keith H

It was, let's face it, not the night when anyone sensible leaves their own hearth lightly. But we made up for it with 'Pat Mustard's Milkfloat' wending their way from Hornchurch, to come a very determined second, and the 'Higham Hill Billies' coming from Oh, I've Forgotten to carry off tonight's laurels, which they promptly donated to a good cause. Now that's the sort of thing that makes the FBI special. 'The Regulars' scored their bottle of wine with a wonderfully consistent performance and some very good guesses, and then courageously risked all in not QUITE winning the jackpot. But, of course, that means that next week it's in striking distance of £450, so I call that downright handsome of them. And 'TurtleDown', when I got home, I found out that some of your answers were much better than the correct ones........

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