Ferry Boat Inn Sun, Feb 18 2018 20:00

Welcome Back! £375 And The Curse Of The Host

Keith H

This keeps happening. I go round the joint, beer glass in hand, surprising unsuspecting drinkers and diners and drag some poor soul(s) into a quiz they didn't even know was on, and they go and win it. So the Secret of Success is obviously. Say to yourself these magic words:

'I am only going to the Ferry Boat for a beer with a few carefully chosen others. Or a bite. Or a cup of tea. It doesn't matter. But whatever happens, I am not going to have anything to do with the quiz, which I do not know is happening, let alone have a go for a jackpot which I have never heard of, let alone the fact that it's £385 next week, No - I'm definitely not. No.'

And you'll win - Something. ;)

Well done, "London Electric" on a school night, lovely to see some faithful old faces too: "Norfolk Enchance", The regulars, and at least one third of "Three Amigos". You made for a lovely evening.

Did I mention that the jackpot is still there? And that whoever wins it is going to need a considerably bigger wallet? See you nest week! :)

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