Ferry Boat Inn Sun, Feb 11 2018 20:00

Yes, You Absolutely Might As Well....

Keith H

Now there you are having a nice quiet Sunday pint, or a spot of dinner, to set you up for the week ahead, and some bearded loon jumps out at you and says "'Ere - d'yer wannabe in a quiz?", and the next thing, blow me, you're in a tie break for a £40 bar-tab, or for three-and-a-half ton. (There is not a slang term for £350 - I've checked. 14 ponies? A bag of bulls-eyes?) Nevertheless, that was the jackpot on offer to our participants, and - you lucky people - not only did no-one win it, but it's going to be more next week. And the bigger the quiz gets, the bigger the jackpot gets! So does my head. So well done to 'Posh and Becks' (apart from getting the David Beckham question wrong - I know, I know) and 'Don't Know?' who didn't come out with any thought of a quiz, and took the top two places, and scared the management silly by nearly winning the jackpot. Then there was 'The Avengers', who weren't certain about it, but came awfully close to a run at the jackpot; There was 'Super Star', who provided me with a wholly new experience - an answer in Chinese! 'The A team', who so nearly took home a bottle of wine - just two half-points in it! Oh.. Go on.. bring your friends - 8pm on Sunday at The Ferry Boat Inn! :)

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