Flower Pot Sun, Sep 04 2016 20:00

Room 101 Orwellian nightmare

Mark T

It was a very close call this evening with just a couple of points between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place... so we had a short dramatic moment as scores were checked and double checked to make team Room 101 the winners!!! and they only came out for a family meal, so well done to them. Cornish guests staying at the Flower Pot hotel rallied close behind but it was clueless who won the chance to play for the Jackpot, which was a whopping £157.

Playing Brucie's 'Play Your Cards Right' it went right down to the wire, with the whole pub shouting 'higher' on a 4 of diamonds... only to be robbed by a 4 of clubs... and of course, you get nothing for a pair... 'not in thios game'.

Jackpot rolls over to next week... how lucky will you be?

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