Flower Pot Sun, Feb 28 2016 20:00

We are the Champions - we are all winners - whatever the final score!

Rosy B

Cryptic Tube stations are always a challenge. However, after the initial fear of the question died down - all of our players twigged and got the answers right. Congratulations to both teams, Spider Town and The Other team. You all developed your potential to trying some of the more complex questions and won! How wonderful! We learned a lot last night - that the colour of power in Roman times was purple, that the anagram was Sigourney Weaver - that all of you made the most of your potential and went away feeling taller than when you arrived. Well done! You may have had reservations about old films yet you guessed the right films from those Polish posters. Complaints and moans about "This quiz is too hard, we can't do it" turned into "Yes, we are all winders!".

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