Flower Pot Sun, Jul 24 2016 20:00

Winners in every shape and form

Mark T

A lovely friendly atmosphere ran through the Flower Pot hotel last night, with quizzers coming from a as far as Sweden. I thought they might need a few clues to questions with a british slant, but they knew everything from the phrase 'Going Commando' to the characters in 'Ab Fab'.

And there were prizes for everyone. Winning the first prize of a £50 food and drink voucher, 'The Sore Heads' romped to victory with 38 points... but on this occasion, team '2013', were not doing so well... until they won the chance of going for the Jackpot, and won that too! So well done, the second week in a row at the Flower pot that the jackpot has been won. They were overjoyed to receive £50 which is the starting prize, sometimes it reaches a maximum of £250!

And finally, I'm happy to say, that our Swedish friends won a bottle of wine, as they came 2nd to last. So you see, there really are prizes for everyone at the Flower Pot quiz night!

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