Garden Shed, Wimbledon Sun, Nov 11 2018 19:30

The Almost Perfect "Judean People's Front"

Victoria S

Well well well, what do we have here? Seven high scoring teams all desperately competing for the £50 bar tab? Some were for sure, but some were wanting to win the bonus prize for last place... A Garden Shed cap! With a soundtrack of Harry Connick Jnr, Beethoven, The Buggles and Milli Vanilli, we gave out Butterfly kisses to those who guessed the Cryptic US Cities while rapping the whole Fresh Prince theme tune! It was the "Judean People's Front" who topped all the charts, with "Fun Time Charlie's" coming 2nd to last and nabbing the bottle of wine. "The Smegs" came bottom but left with the cap, so smiles all round at TGS!

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