George Cross Harbour Wed, Oct 19 2016 19:00

And introducing special guest stars - the oyster farmers!

Jodyanne F

A lovely evening at the George tonight with the 'Regulars' taking up their usual position at the bar where they welcomed a couple of US travelers keen to sample Brit pub culture before returning to their oyster farm back home in Virginia (none other than the largest oyster farm in the US...).
'The's knowledge of the Portuguese Golden Gateway's warming liquids helped them to the bonus glass of white in round one whilst a little meringue, raspberry and cream in the home counties entitled 'Relevant and Sustainable' to a bonus goblet of white in round two. At the end of the evening it was the 'Regulars' who proved triumphant with a personal best of 39 - that special US/UK in full bloom.
Everyone was in the market for the a long term relationship, but the first date best not involve fishing in Chilean waters.
Join us in the conservatory next week for more international goodwill.

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