George Cross Harbour Wed, Jan 17 2018 19:00

He who dares, wins

Nick T

That’s precisely what happened for the 'IT Crude' team, they weren’t sure about playing but after some gentle persuasion they joined in. What they forget to mention however was the secret weapon on their table. A girl who should look at a career move as one of the chasers on The Chase. Answering questions before the question has been finished it’s how to win. However that is only half the story for there was some serious battling going on for other positions including the coveted second last prize position and free drink question - actually in the end won by same team Oh no my pens running ou..
'2 guys 1 pub' ran just short but gave a valiant effort and showed some great sportsmanship - I feel they can definitely come back next week and take the win.
And then in last the aptly named 'The First and only' - still a good try but maybe a few quiz books to read - there’s always next time
A great night of quizzing all round - well done guys

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Oh no my pens running ou
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