George Cross Harbour Wed, Apr 11 2018 19:00

Nine isn't enough

Skye V

Tonight at the George we had a stiff competition between 3 teams. Two teams battled for Best Teamname, ("My teammate doesn't realize this was supposed to be a date" won a few laughs, against an ode to the Quizhost "Isle of Skye"), but the eventual victory went to team Kaos. Despite their initial downmarking of 3 points due to their team having nine members, they still managed to get a top score - and even more teammembers! "We came together, we're doing this together", they claimed, when their team eventually gathered no less than 11 members, the largest team I've seen so far! Please do see this as a challenge; gather your friends and join us at the George next week!

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My teammate doesn't realize this was supposed to be a date