Gipsy Hill Taproom Wed, May 09 2018 19:00

New Beginnings

James H

If you are in the area of West Norwood you really need to seek this place out.

Tucked neatly in an industrial unit of the main Gipsy Road the Gipsy Hill Taproom is a friendly establishment perfectly adapted and suited for live events such as a quiz or a musical and or comedic performance 

Well, last night at the first ever quiz held in this fab venue we had all three.

For just £2 per head, teams were entertained as they exercised their little grey cells and got into the spirit of the whole occasion which included jumping up and shouting 'aye aye captain' everytime the quizmaster used a keyword.

Very impressively the first question of the second half involved an anagram which was worked out in around 25 seconds by a bonus point winning team.

6 teams fought for free drinks, the jackpot, the £30 first prize bar tab and cans of beer for coming 2nd last, but best of all they had a great night of fun competition.

The jackpot rolled over so increases for next time and this fun event happens every fortnight so we will see you again in 2 weeks time for more fun and frolics.

If you can't wait that long, go and have a great beer there. It may be basic but the welcome and atmosphere is infectious! Come and join us next week! :))

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