Goose Island Tap House, Balham Wed, Aug 23 2017 20:00

Absolute Quacker's

David M

It was the launch of a brand new quiz night in Goose Island in the sunny tropics of Balham. Right from the begining no one knew where Dan was.
This resulted in a team being formed in his abbess. Where's Dan? they were called and one things for sure he wasn't there but perhaps he should have been because Where's Dan? stormed into second place.
Tightness was a factor in the race to win the fifty quid bar tab. So many teams shoulder to shoulder. It was like a log jam on a river in Canada. Some one had to win and sure enough someone did win.

The Wolf Pack were batting neck and neck with
Brown Kids On The Block, not only that Pollo Tropical were playing a long game against Go At Half Time to see who could come win that converted second to last place.

At the end of the day when the dust settled one team reigned supreme.

Quizy Quiz Quiz Quiz blew the roof off this pressure cooker of a quiz.
Really high standard.
Pollo Tropical were robbed of their free drink but I've a feeling that they'll be back to claim it in the future.

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