Goose Island Tap House, Balham Wed, Oct 11 2017 20:00

Colon The Bar Barian

David M

The Bar Barians came they saw, they conquered, they won... They were Pub Jizz all over.....
Let's go back a bit shall we?
Where did all this take place!
The venue was Goose Island
"Goose Island in Balham you mean?"
Yes that's right.
"But this must have happened on a day. Which one was it?"
It was a Wednesday.

Here's what happened in a nutshell.
'The Bar Barians' fought a hard no nonsense quiz with 'The Quizzy Rascals' from 8 o'clock until ten.

'The Rascals' were certainly formidable finishing the first half in first place. It was only the fact that the six player rule penalized them two points that prevented them from going neck and neck in a tiebreaker with 'The Bar Barians'.

That's not taking anything away from 'The Bar Barians' though. They told us they would win at the beginning, for them the taking part was only a technicality.

Well done everyone. Hope to see you all again soon!

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