Goose Island Tap House, Balham Wed, Sep 06 2017 20:00

Crisis What Crisis?

David M

What happens when five teams get marooned on an island, an island full of geese? I'm talking about Goose Island in Balham.
Which team was going to get the conch and survive?

By the end of the night it became clear that the team that was going to storm it was Agenda Crisis purely because they had scored more points than anyone else.

Agenda Crisis were able to overcome the crisis. They were able to score 41 points out of 40 questions. A magnificent achievement.

But one team played it a different way. They played a long game. Local cafe owners*(1) Balham Egg And Chips were able to play the game in the same way they play their egg and chip business.*(2)

They loved those music questions*(3) and were able to secure the bottle of wine for the second to last position.
Well done everyone. Hope to see you soon

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Agenda Crisis
The Red Hot Trivia Peppers
Kim Jong Un and the 3 white people
The Angry Monkeys