Goose Island Tap House, Balham Wed, Nov 08 2017 20:00

For Those That Are About To Quiz, We Salute You

David M

An amazing night of question and answers back and fourth between six, that's right six teams in Goose Island Balham this Tuesday. Six amazing teams.

Let's count them shall we? One, two, three, four, five, six. Six, yes six teams.
You know word of mouth about the quiz has really picked up when it attracts The Criminals all the way over from Australia to play it, as well as Who's The Loose Goose from South Africa.
It was a close call all the way with only about ten or eleven points in it.

In the end there was only one team that had more points than any other and they were The Wogan-esk Blankety Blank

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. It was great to have you all. Please do come back when we reopen in a couple of weeks time.

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Blankety Blank
Orange Organics
Who's the Loose Goose?
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