Goose Island Tap House, Balham Wed, Aug 30 2017 20:00

Four Way Odds

David M

One thing seemed clear to me from right of the start of the night, who ever scored the most points would be an odds on favorite of winning the £50 bar tab.
My prediction proved correct.

From the outset I narrowed it down to four teams. Onward Quiztion Soldiers, Lets Get Quizzical, Mr and Mrs Barnet and Teenage Mutant Ninja Arsenal's one of them was going to snatch first prize and one was of them was going to win the vintage beer.

In a scene reminiscent from the American Civil war one of the teams split into two half's. I'm talking about the highly religious leaning Onward Quiztion Soldiers and Let's Get Quizzical. The Quiztion cleverly bagged the second to last prize but Teenage Mutant Ninja Arsenals were unstoppable tonight and they stormed home with 38 real points.

Well done everyone.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Arsenals
Mr and Mrs Barnet
Onward Quiztion Soldiers
Lets Get Quizical