Goose Island Tap House, Balham Wed, Mar 21 2018 20:00

From Obscurity To Fame Overnight

David M

Tonight was one of those occasions where it could have been a film. Not a very good one but a film all the same.

It started off with a lot of films. Two lads are going out for a bit of a laugh or something. They don't know where to go. One of them says "I know, let's go to Goose Island in Balham. It's not very far to go if you live right next to it." (They didn't)

Sure enough, they go along and end up getting involved in this quiz that's going on there.

So they called themselves 'Mid Table Obscurists'. They didn't want any trouble. They just wanted to do the quiz and then get out of there.

Ok, they get stuck in but things didn't go the way they planned and by the end of the first half they were starting to wonder what they'd got themselves involved in.

But the ending was sweeter than anyone could have imagined because they ended up going home with fifty smackers of Goose Island Bar Tab.

Well done Mid Table Obscurists. Well done everyone. :)

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