Goose Island Tap House, Balham Wed, Feb 21 2018 20:00

How All Quizzes Should End!

Nick T

Back to The Goose Island Tap House, and I do love the atmosphere in there. So tonight was a special quiz for Macmillan Cancer research which is definitely something I support so lovely to host a quiz for them. Now the numbers were small but that didn`t stop us from having lots of fun and mishaps.
2 teams went head to head in a game of real rivalry. In one corner we had 'BISHARA + MATT', in the other corner we had the 'QUIZIOLOGISTS'. At the end of the first half there was just one point in it, at the final whistle we had a tie! Boom! Cue tiebreaker...both correct answer, cue tiebreaker 2...and we had a winner... 'QUIZIOLOGISTS'! Everyone’s happy and waiting for the prizes, then controversy - there’s a whole spat of miscounted points being thrown around. In the end we get there with the game settled and the teams shake hands. Great game! Great night! Most importantly. Great Cause!!

Go support the Macmillan quizzes and thank you for reading.

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