Goose Island Tap House, Balham Wed, Apr 18 2018 20:00

The Day They Did A Quiz

David M

I've seen a lot of quizzes in my time. The main reason for that is because I'm a Quiz Master and that is one of the things I have to do.

But aside from that I have seen hundreds of quizzes and I would have to say that tonight's quiz was definitely one of them.

It was a beautiful evening, sun shining, birds singing and the glamorous people really came out on the other side of the road. (We could see them from where we were standing.)

But we didn't need to look at them because Goose Island was filled with a bunch of Quiz Stars the like of which we haven't seen for over a week.

It was excitement all the way because that's what Balham is about, excitement (as well as rail and Tube transport.)

There was a tiebreaker between The Quizards and The Hungry Hippos. The Quizards would have won if The Hungry Hippos had lost but they didn't they won and they won big time.

But the team that won more than any other tonight was Amber Rudd's Retirement Fund. And they won big time as well. ...In a very big way.

Then there was Play Your Cards Right for £150. It wasn't won but that doesn't matter. It's not about the winning it's about the losing as well and Andy did that tonight for The Quizards, big time.

Well done everybody. Hope to see you again soon. We're here every week, same time.

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