Hare and Billet, Blackheath Wed, Jul 04 2018 20:00

Name The Muppet

Keith H

It's a lovely bracing experience standing in on someone else's quiz. I come from the east end, me, so coming to Blackheath was like coming to the country for my holidays: brown as far as the eye could see. I did my best to behave myself but you're a lovely crowd here, kept me on the straight and narrow and I have to say the scores were definitely on the high side od usual. "Slartibartfast" magnificent 36 was only just clear of the field, and I kept getting the MOST intelligent questions back from everyone. Now, if you were in one the few tables not taking past, but nodding along thinking: 'I KNOW that one' (I saw you) maybe, next time...at a quid ahead....for a £50 BAR TAB...

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