Hare & Hounds Sun, Feb 12 2017 19:30

A New Beginning!

Richard L

Sunday night was the first time for The Hare and Hounds Quiz. The honour of winning went to Quizzards Of Oz(sterly) whilst second place - after a tie-break - was claimed by The Latecomers. There was also a Second To Last prize won by The Tewari Army a team of only one! A round of drinks was won by the team with the longest and best (according to the two bar staff Paul and George) name, Why Aren't John And Ringo At The Bar. It was a case -almost- of a prize for every team! Great things are being planned for future weeks with the possibilty of a jackpot starting soon. The first night though, was agreed by all to have been a great success.

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Top Teams
Quizzards Of Oz(terly)
The Latecomers
Queens Park Strangers
The Bar Stool Boozers
Why Aren't John And Ringo At The Bar