Hare & Hounds Sun, Jun 18 2017 19:30

Half A Point Does It!

Richard L

Oh my goodness, last night half a point, yes a mere half a point was all that came between a £50 bar tab and a bottle of Prosseco!
To be fair the team that took second place was actually lucky to have 38 points as one of the answers was although ingenious actually incorrect. Cryptic tube stations was the category and the team's answer to one of the clues was Blackhorse Lane. The answer fitted but of course Blackhorse Lane is not a tube station but a tram stop on the Croydon tram link service. Quizmaster Richard Linton allowed the answer and explained to the team the mistake, but the order of winning teams was unaffected anyway. A hot quiz on the (so far) hottest night of the year!.

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