Hare & Hounds Sun, Jul 16 2017 19:30

Tie Break For First Place.

Richard L

Exciting stuff tonight, with a team new to The Hare & Hounds scoring an excellent 37 points but the same score as another team.
A tie-break question was needed and so both the team's knowledge of science was tested with the question, In what year was DNA discovered"?
The answer was 1953 and the team nearest the correct answer, and the winning team, turned out to be our newest recruit, Vida Lasagne. Let's Get Quizzical won a bottle of Prossecco and The Quizzie Rascals a bottle of Pino Grico for coming second to last.
A team member from Vida Lasagne promised to come back next Sunday to try again and maybe win again! Why not pop along and find out what happens?

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