Hare & Hounds Sun, Oct 08 2017 19:30

Tie-break for wine

Richard L

'The Three Stupids' was the name of the winning team of three people at The Hare & Hounds on Sunday. Not a very apt name, because stupid this team wasn't!
Second in the quiz was a new team 'MC2' winning a bottle of Prosseco.
The wine for the team coming second to last was decided by a tie-break question as two teams scored 22 points. In the end the question of when red telephone boxes were introduced in the UK was the first tie-break question but as both teams suggested the 1930s, Quizmaster Richard Linton had to ask another. This time the most popular birth date in the UK produced two suggestions, one being within a few days of the correct answer. 'Three Brits and a Canadian' was the winning team and went home happily with a bottle of white wine as the consolation prize.

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