Highwayman Wed, Sep 06 2017 19:30

"Against all odds" surge into lead with fabulous second half

Nick H

Previous winners "Against all odds" and "Duo" battled it out for this evening £40 bar and food voucher first prize at this evening's weekly Wednesday Quiz Night at the Highwayman in Berkhamsted. The former trailing by two points after the first half of the quiz, but gaining a four point advantage in the second half to finish two points clear.

The remaining teams fought over the £20 bar and food voucher second prize with only two points separating them in the end and team "Premature Congratulations" ultimately getting it right ..... eventually.

The shock of a suggested rude answer caused a major spillage on the table of "lets get quizzical" resulting in one of the male team members having some rather embarrassing wet marks on his trousers - perhaps they should rename the team "quizzed in his pants"!

The next Quiz night at the Highwayman is Wednesday 13th September, - it will be lucky for at least two teams - 7.00pm for a 7.30 start.

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