Highwayman Wed, Sep 26 2018 19:30

"And in Fourth Place" Came Last!

Nick H

The old foes in the form of "The Two Old Gits" and Davey's team this week titled "Sarah's back! (and only slightly bronzed)" - Sarah has been in Greece for the summer - once again battled it out this evening's £40 bar voucher first prize at The Highwayman. And, once again Davey's team prevailed by a single point! Where's Graham when you need him? With "And in fourth place" actually coming last, it meant that! I'm not a gynaecologist, but I'll have a look who didn't expect to get anything out of the evening for coming second last, were surprised but also delighted to receive a £20 bar voucher.

The playful question 18 which asked the teams to identify three three-lettered body parts other than eye, arm, leg, ear, toe, rib, lip and gut caused some titters, especially when the boss lady (and Arsenal Assistant Manager) from last week's winners "Against All Odds" proffered bum and tit!!

With only two envelopes left for the Jackpot cash prize of £150 there was a very good chance it would go this evening. The opportunity to select from the two envelopes was duly won by "Sarah's Back! (and only slightly bronzed)" and Sarah herself duly selected envelope number 9, which was a winning envelope, but regretfully of a bag of peanut only! So, the £150 Jackpot rolls over to next week's Quiz Night when it will definitely be won: Wednesday 3rd October: 7.00 pm for a 7.30 pm start and as always it's best to book a table in advance on 01442 285480.

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