Highwayman Wed, Sep 05 2018 19:30

Congratulations to "Break a Leg" on their 10th Wedding Aniversary

Nick H

The 10th wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated with gifts of tin or aluminum, but what's wrong with breaking tradition and celebrating at The Highwayman Quiz Night as did "Break a Leg"? Absolutely nothing and many congratulations - they are going to more exotic climbs shortly if there are any! Also noteworthy this evening was the international representation - it's getting like the English Premier League at The Highwayman - in that we had our regular attendee from the USA, a lady from Croatia and agent from Australia (who told us with great authority that NSW was the three-letter abbreviation describing the area around Canberra!?!?).

As to the quiz outcomes, only 3 points separated eight teams after the first half, so all was to play for in the second half. "Here for the Beer" and "Where's Graham?" both had near perfect scores in the second half of the quiz, however, "Here for the Beer" were ultimately 1 point nearer to perfect and therefore took the £40m bar voucher first prize. Insofar as the £20 bar voucher second prize for the second least points was concerned, "Any Danger?" once again showed not only skill (or lack of it) in featuring for this prize, but also their integrity and honesty in deducting a point for an incorrectly marked answer and in so doing handed the prize to first-timers "Quiz Assassins". Fantastic and well done.; it makes you proud of the human race. "Cappuccinis" could have affected the outcome but ducked out part way through the second half though the sheer emotion ( a euphemism!) of the evening.

As for the £150 Jackpot cash prize "Where's Graham?" won the opportunity to select from the remaining 5 Jackpot envelopes and very graciously asked the anniversary couple to select on their behalf which they did and selected a winners envelope, but of a bag of peanuts! So, the Jackpot rolls over to next weeks Quiz Night on Wednesday 12th September: 7.00 pm for a 7.30 pm start. All welcome but don't forget it's always advisable to book a table in advance on 01442 285480!

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