Highwayman Wed, Sep 27 2017 19:30

"Fosters Finest" prove to be just that and will dearest Lara ever forgive me?

Nick H

A three-way tiebreaker was necessary to decide the outcome of the £40 bar and food voucher first prize at this week's Quiz Night at the Highwayman. "Standing Room Only" and the long missed "The Beautiful Blondes" both told us that the Titanic was 455 metres long, whereas "Fosters Finest" told us it was 191 metres long. In being closest to the correct answer of 269 metres, "Fosters Finest" took the spoils.

The introduction of "The Geordies" half way through the quiz appeared to have an adverse effect on the strategy of several teams aiming for the second to last prize. "Team Wizard" ultimately prevailed over the £20 bar and food voucher prize raising the question of whether the genuine magician in their team had any influence on the outcome?

A few things in relation to team "Standing Room Only". First and foremost a correction to a previous post where dearest Lara was referred to as Laura and Lauren. My apologies; please forgive me. Then there is the subject of what potentially could be new game of Where's Graham? Sightings this coming week can be reported at next week's Quiz and Graham, those 4 inch blue biro's are a bit of a giveaway! Oh, and last but by all means not least, it was great to see Stacey again albeit only for a short duration and Mark did say you made all the difference!

The next Quiz Night at the Highwayman is on Wednesday 4th October, 7.00 pm for a 7.30 pm start - best to book a table in advance on 01442 285480.

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