Highwayman Wed, Oct 31 2018 19:30

It Was Halloween And Odd Things Did Happen In Berkhamsted!

Nick H

As well as topical Halloween team names such as "Nightmare in the Highwayman", "Spook Tacular", "If You've Got It, Haunt It", "Scare Queens", "Multiple Scaregasms", "One Bludgeoned Bishop and a Bleeding Cow" (who were also topically dressed), there were definitely odd happenings in the very lively Highwayman this evening. Connor turned-up in one of Melanie's dresses, Will was unusually grumpy, Mark was equally unusually quiet, the relatively numerate quiz master couldn't add or subtract properly and neither "Any Danger?" nor Graham were anywhere to be seen! Needless to say "Against All Odds" performed like a finely honed and well drilled unit (as per the boss lady's leadership) but were again bridesmaids along with "If You've Got It, Haunt It", both of whom were one point adrift of "Team Iwan" who accordingly took the £40 bar voucher first prize. The evenings £20 bar voucher second prize went to the "Scare Queens" who were not scary at all, just delightfully pleasant.
As for the Jackpot currently at £150, it has to be said the quiz master made a bit of a cock-up in that he miscalculated the teams closest to the correct answer for the opportunity to draw from the seven remaining Jackpot envelopes. If it wasn't for a very astute accountant lady who can add and subtract to five decimal places, "Multiple Scaregasms" would have drawn from the envelopes. As it happens the error was identified just in time (phew) so "Nightmare in the Highwayman" drew envelope number 4. All that can be said is that Jackpot rolls over to next week's quiz: Wednesday 7th November; 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start. Thank God it's not Bonfire Night!

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