Highwayman Wed, Mar 28 2018 19:30

No sandpaper need by "The Ball Scratchers"!

Nick H

They didn't need any sandpaper to get reverse swing, "The Ball Scratchers" that is. They just used their brains unlike "Standing room only" who used a liquid substance from behind the bar that didn't result in reverse swing, but swimming (of the brains). "The Ball Scratchers" therefore won the proverbial Ashes in the form of a £40 bar and food voucher, thus adding to their already accumulated winnings.

Insofar as the evening's £20 bar and food voucher second prize is concerned, it surely has to be strategic thinking when a team brings another team along to avoid coming last! Well, "Any Danger?" did precisely that and it worked ...... to a point in that they did come second last, but lost out in a tiebreaker to first-timers "Jocks and Angels".

Despite "Standing Room Only" swimming many lengths at the bar, they won the opportunity to select from the remaining seven Jackpot envelopes to win the rolling Jackpot cash prize of £150. Having however probably swum a couple of lengths to many, they selected envelope number 6; the wrong one. So, the Jackpot cash prize remains intact and rolls over to next weeks Quiz Night on Wednesday 4th April; 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start – best to pre-book a table on 01442 285480.

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