Highwayman Wed, Nov 01 2017 19:30

Not Coming Last achieved their objective and won a prize to boot!

Nick H

It is traditional to begin these missives by reporting first on the winners, but this week lets start with the prize for the team scoring the second least points, a £20 bar and food voucher. As their team name suggests, 'Not Coming Last' have been endeavoring to avoid coming last for ...... lets just say a while now, and tonight was the night. They came second last! In so doing however they won the second prize - you should have seen the celebrations and it couldn't happened to a nicer team. Oh, and well done to Diana and the 'Famous Five' for making this all possible - they came last, but in a wonderful spirit.

Insofar as the £40 bar and food voucher first is concerned, many of the teams who usually compete for the top spot were caught off guard with this evening's Halloween themed quiz, thus enabling team 'The Quizard of Oz' to come to the fore and take the spoils.

As for the cash jackpot, 'Multiple Scoregasms' gained the opportunity have a go at selecting the envelope containing the £110 cash prize. They did select an envelope with a prize, but unfortunately it was only a bag of crisps, so the cash jackpot rolls over to next week and increases in value to £135.

It all happens again next week at the Highwayman in Berkhamsted: Wednesday 8th November; 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start.

Quiz masters note to Rich of team 'I had mango': Many thanks for your note, which is much appreciated. Hopefully we'll see you and fellow team members again soon. Best, N

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