Highwayman Wed, Nov 29 2017 19:30

'Not coming last', come first, not really, but mums the word!

Nick H

No, the headline is not a conundrum, it's just that 'Against all odds' won this evening's first prize without their team leader and boss lady - who opted no less for The Emirates Stadium as opposed to the far more exciting Highwayman - and they're not sure she should be told! So, the ever improving 'Not coming Last' agreed to take the accolade from a public perspective, but I note were not offered any of the spoils.

We were entertained by the new vocal partnership of Michelle & Louise of 'Round Table' fame who sung the answer to the song lyrics question. It was just like Beyonce & Lady Gaga or was it a bit more like ...no, no, don't go there! Furthermore, the earth moved for 'Multiple Scoregasms' this evening as they were duly rewarded for picking up this weeks prize for coming second to last.

'I had mango' won the opportunity to select from the envelopes for the £50 jackpot cash prize by knowing the exact height of the Eiffel Tower including the antenna (!?!?). They did pick a prize winning envelope, but regretfully only for a bag of peanuts so the cash jackpot rolls over to next weeks quiz and increases to £69.

Same time, same place next week: Wednesday 6th December, 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start - best to book a table in advance on 01442 285480.

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