Highwayman Wed, Apr 25 2018 19:30

Return of the Skeleton Crew

David J

This Wednesday at The Highwayman brought us a fantastic conclusion to a long-running arc. After a rough patch last week, "Skeleton Crew" made a thrilling comeback with a fantastic victory: winning with a whopping 34 points and earning their £40 bar tab! Congratulations are also in order for the whimsically named "Blessed Cheesemakers", who won the £20 bar tab!

As icing on the cake, the elusive £150 Jackpot was finally won by the ironically named "Against All Odds." As it turns out, Envelope 4 was the winner all along!

I'd like to offer a huge thank you to both the recurring players and the newcomers who wanted to try something new. As a guest Quizmaster, it was refreshing to perform in a new venue, especially one with such a lovely atmosphere and friendly patrons. Given the hustle and bustle though, it's always a good idea call 01442 285480 and book a table for next week!

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