Highwayman Wed, Jan 03 2018 19:30

Seasonally appropriare "Happy New Beer!" did the business

Nick H

Appropriately named 'Happy New Beer!' certainly did the job this evening by beating the next best team and previous winners, 'One stinking bishop and a laughing cow', by a clear 6 points! Thus bagging the £40 bar and food voucher first prize.

Team naming was not everybody's forte. Four couples split into two teams, the men and the ladies. In sensing there could be competition between the two teams, the ladies deliberated until the men decided on 'The Supers' at which point the ladies promptly decided on 'The Betters' and the evening carried on in the same vein. Needless to say, of the two teams 'The Betters' did get the better score! 'The Supers' were also piped for the evening's £20 bar and food voucher second prize for the second least points by the delightful 'Poppy and Lauren' .......... two more ladies!

'Against all odds' gained the opportunity to draw an envelope for the weekly rolling jackpot cash prize standing at £80, but regretfully drew a blank. Next weeks jackpot cash prize therefore increases to £92. Same time, same place next week: Wednesday 10th January, 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start - best to book a table in advance on 01442 285480.

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