Highwayman Wed, Dec 06 2017 19:30

"Stand and Deliver" they exclaimed and were rewarded

Nick H

Very apt team names at The Highwayman in this the last Quiz Night before Christmas where 'Stand and Deliver' (Highwayman, Dick Turpin etc.) took the £40 bar and food voucher first prize following a tiebreaker with 'The Interlopers'. We also had 'At least we tried' who did so by using their initiative (and that of Mark and Conner!) to win the £20 bar and food voucher second to last prize.

'The Last Team', who caused the most endearing geriatric havoc all evening, were mentored by 'The Round Table' (by ensuring their had their hearing aids on, their tea and periodic naps.....not really), then had the audacity to beat them into third place by a point! Oh and 'Neo' are going to spend the Christmas break reading up on American rappers and music beyond the 1970's.

The Jackpot cash prize, which is available to all teams regardless of the quiz outcome, was also played for with 'Stand and Deliver' gaining the opportunity to draw from the jackpot envelopes. Regretfully they selected a wrongun, so the jackpot cash prize increases to £80 and rolls over to the first Quiz Night of the New Year which takes place on Wednesday 3rd January 2018; 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all quizzers and staff at the Highwayman in Berkhamsted.

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