Highwayman Wed, Aug 30 2017 19:30

"Standing Room Only" (and Lauren) show their class

Nick H

An emphatic win this evening for "Standing Room Only" by a clear five points at this weeks Quiz Night at the Highwayman with the forever to be bridesmaids "Neo" once again coming second - it'll happen one of these days - even if we have to spike Will, Mark, Graham and Bob's drinks!

So "Standing Room Only", with the lovely Lauren in the team, took the £40 bar and food voucher first prize. For information, Graham apparently also had a good week at Corals!

Previous winners "One Stinking Bishop and a Laughing Cow" struggled for whatever reason to compete with the top teams this week, but showed their skill at prolific prize winning by taking the evening's £20 bar and food voucher second prize for attaining the second least points. The "Laughing Cow" did say they'd have had many more points if "the Stinking Bishop" had listened! Far be it for me to get involved!

Anyway good fun was had by all and we do it all again next week: Wednesday 6th September, 7.00 pm for a 7.30 pm start - with the schools back it's probably advisable to book a table in advance.

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