Highwayman Wed, Apr 27 2016 19:30

"The Dirty Blondes" were not beaten by "Bullshit"!

Nick H

The Headline may sound a little rude, but it is factual as "The Dirty Blondes" were first time winners of the £40 first prize at this week's Quiz Night at the Highwayman in Berkhamsted prevailing over team "Bullshit" by 2 points. They in turn pushed "Kerry's Angels" (who are not always as angelic as their team name suggests) into 3rd place by 1 point.

Talking of blondes, after a worrying few weeks of absence we had the pleasure of "A Blonde Moment" this evening and wish them well respectively in convalescence and with the new kitchen!

Despite much prompting, hinting and winking to husbands and wives and boyfriends and girlfriends in all the teams, nobody could find the right answer to the picture catchphrase question being "you turn me on". Rather worryingly however we got answers such as "you turn me upside down", "me on top of you" and "bend you over"!! In learning the answer, several were heard to say rather accusingly "you never say that to me! Oh dear.

Although "Stephen & Carol" rather skilfully picked up tonight's £20 second prize (for coming second to last - in small print). Stephen, a mathematician apparently, contends there to be 26 and not 25 prime numbers between 0 and 100. There's not a lot more can be said other than a pleasant and fun evening was had by all and the Highwayman looks forward to welcoming everyone again.

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