Highwayman Wed, Jul 12 2017 19:30

The Stinking Bishop and the Laughing Cow - masters of the second half

Nick H

Despite the Stinking Bishop saying it was Paul Ince who was the first black player to captain England's football team and the Laughing Cow not having it, "One Stinking Bishop and a Laughing Cow" did enough to overcome the three point lead "Neo" had after the first half of the quiz to take this evening's £40 bar voucher first prize.

The evening's £20 bar voucher second prize would have normally gone to "Han Solo", but Mrs Solo insisted they had to leave just prior to the end of the quiz so it was awarded to team "The out of Towners" who were next in line.

The education establishment was this evening represented by "Anyone but a Tory" who gained a credible pass mark for the first half of the quiz, but despite being bolstered three more teachers, failed miserably with 5 points out of a possible 26 for second half of the quiz! - perhaps they should rename their team to "Could do better"!

We do it all again at the same time, same day next week at the Highwayman (Wednesday 19th July, 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start) - best to book your tables in advance.

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