Highwayman Wed, Nov 14 2018 19:30

"This Weeks Winners?" Are This Weeks Winners!

Nick H

Was it confidence in their own ability or consideration for the quizmaster in naming themselves "This Weeks Winners?" I suspect a bit of both, but quite frankly my dear, who gives a dam! They were very worthy winners scoring a magnificent 41 points, 5 points more than their nearest contenders, to take the £40 bar voucher first prize. Needless to say "Against All Odds" came second ONCE AGAIN (along with "The Gaffers") and were heard on their departure to be plotting how they could nobble "This weeks Winners?" next week. Dare I suggest, renaming the team to "Next Weeks Winners" could be a good ploy!
With regard the £20 bar voucher prize for coming second last, "Any Danger?" did it again! How do they do it? They must be applying a similar strategy to that of Newcastle United who used their goal difference to keep them in the Premier League. Anyway, whatever the strategy is, and I'm not convinced they even know what it is, it works.
"This weeks Winners?" also won the opportunity to draw from the remaining Jackpot envelopes for the £150 cash prize, but form is suggesting they need to change their name again to "This Weeks Jackpot Winners?" to achieve success here as they didn't pick the right envelope. The Jackpot therefore rolls over again to next weeks Quiz Night at The Highwayman: Wednesday 21st November; 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start!

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