Highwayman Wed, Mar 22 2017 19:30

Two tiebreakers needed to decide the prize winners

Nick H

With a full house at this week's Quiz Night at the Highwayman in Berkhamsted, both the first and second prizes had to be decided by tiebreak questions.

"No Contraband" (formally "Liverpool", "The Keg Heads", "To be advised", "Beanie and the Jets", "Rose Morenio" etc. etc.) eventually got the better of "Stuffed and Mounted" and accordingly took the £40 bar voucher first prize by having a better idea of how many Model T Fords were made!

"Coopers Poopers" instantly knew that 1997 was the year in which Blur released Blur, Helen Hunt won best actress, Hale Bopp visits, Divorce become legal in Ireland and Biggie Hall was killed, enabling them to claim the £20 bar voucher second prize from "the Latecomers" who were only one year out!

Other notable facts from this evening was that Mark was missing Stacey, but he was very confident that Germany would beat England, much to Will's annoyance especially when they did. But as Will said, it was only a friendly! Chloe was this evening promoted to team captain by one of the Halifax BS teams - Chloe, don't forget to ask for a pay rise in the morning ..... oh, and the quizmaster could do with some more pens please. For the benefit of "Stuffed and mounted", your queries relating to polyvinyl acetate and Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf" have been fed back to the question devisors.

Same day, same time for next week's Quiz Night at the Highwayman (Wednesday 29th March at 7.00 pm for a 7.30 start) - best to book your tables in advance to avoid a poor position for the spot prizes or at the worst, disappointment.

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