Highwayman Wed, Aug 15 2018 19:30

Vorsprung Durch Technik Creates a "Quattro" From "Duo"!

Nick H

Not quite as technical as the headline suggests, but adding a couple of youngsters to the team who can answer the film and music questions obviously make all the difference as demonstrated by "Duo". They added their respective offspring to their team becoming "Quattro" and roared to win this evening's quiz at The Highwayman by a clear 4 points along with the £40 bar and food voucher. Mention should also be made of first-timers "Trivia Newton John" and "Team Nick and Jenny" who respectively came second and fifth with very respectable scores in the 30's.

I'm not sure there was too much technical stuff going on at the other end of the quiz outcome spectrum - probably had something to do with being located close to Graham! Anyway, the "Beauty's and the Beast" who were in the last place after the first half of the quiz, improved after the eventual arrival of the beast (delayed by the M25), albeit not significantly, but enough to clinch second last place and the associated the £20 bar voucher prize.

Having won the opportunity to select from the remaining 7 Jackpot cash prize envelopes, the only thing Mark and Graham agreed on all evening was to select envelope number 4 and fair dues they were winners ............ of a bag of crisps! So, the Jackpot increases to £130 and rolls over to next weeks Quiz Night on Wednesday 22nd August: 7.00 pm for a 7.30 pm start. All welcome but don't forget it's always advisable to book a table in advance on 01442 285480.

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