Highwayman Wed, Feb 28 2018 19:30

WE HAD FUN! – but were rubbish!

Nick H

Taken verbatim from the completed answer sheet of the “Wine Gulpers” - that’s what it’s all about, the quiz that is, not the hokey-cokey. They (the “Wine Guplers”) felt they had however done enough to secure the evening’s £20 bar and food voucher prize for coming second last, but regretfully it was not quite enough as “God Knows” rallied in the second half of the quiz to pip them by a couple of points and secure the spoils.

There was much rivalry including numerous previous winners for the evening’s £40 bar and food voucher first prize. Despite some very credible scores, the aptly named “Can’t be worse than last week” maintained their first half lead to ultimately prevail by a clear 3 points. They may however struggle to live up to their team name next week, unless of course they win again by a greater margin.

Now to the Jackpot cash prize of £150, which nobody seems to want to win! Having originally started with ten envelopes and with only two now remaining (envelopes 1 and 10), there was great anticipation and expectation the Jackpot would be won this evening. Team “Toilet Table” duly went through the process of winning the right to select from the two remaining envelopes. After much deliberation the team unanimously decided, well James unanimously decided, to go for envelope 10 ……. suffice to say the Jackpot rolls over again (!) to next week’s quiz!

So, we do it all again next week when the Jackpot cash prize of £150 will be won. Same place, same time: Wednesday 7th March; 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start – don’t forget it is best to pre-book a table on 01442 285480!! See you there! :)

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