Highwayman Wed, Oct 10 2018 19:30

Yellow Cards All Round For "Against All Odds" Team Members

Nick H

The ladies were certainly in control this evening at The Highwayman. The boss lady of "Against All Odds" (and Arsenal Assistant Manager) was issuing yellow cards left, right and centre to team members for incorrect answers - one even had to walk home as the team bus didn't wait!!! Things were a little more harmonious with the ladies of Team "Tube Problems" who despite their travel issues managed to prevail by a single point to take the £40 bar voucher first prize. Conversely, the ladies of "Not A Threat" were delightful but proved to be just that! We also had "The Potters". Well what can I say other than a lovely fun lady who talked a good game and certainly kept us entertained. This weeks blog so far has all been about the ladies, so what can be said about the male species.... Well, not a vast amount! Suffice to say "Any Danger?" managed to come second last, but in so doing at least secured the £20 bar voucher prize and "The Two Old Gits" spent most of the evening bickering with each other. ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE, OUR COLLECTIVE GOOD WISHES GO TO BOB AND HIS FAMILY.

The theme of the superior ladies continued as not only did the ladies of "Tube Problems" take the evening's first prize, they also won the opportunity to draw from the Jackpot envelopes for the £120 rolling weekly cash prize. Their superiority however ran out in selecting envelope number 9, so the Jackpot increases to £133.50 and rolls over to next week's Quiz Night at The Highwayman on Wednesday 17th October; 7pm for a 7.30pm start!!!!

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