Hop and Berry Tue, Oct 20 2015 20:00

A Storming Win For "We're Playing For The Shiraz" in Islington's Hop & Berry!

Tyrone A

Islington quiz competitions beware! A new team entered Question One's weekly quiz night at the Hop & Berry and blew the competition away with a winning margin of eight points. "We're Only Playing For The Shiraz" (a three person team) pulled away early from the pack to secure victory against pub regulars "Quiz On Your Face" and "Quiz? Where We're Going We Don't Need Quiz" and did not look back.
In what was an energetic and fun atmosphere, our winners were worthy champions and claimed the £50 bar spend for first prize. A special mention ought to go to "Anne Frank's Drum Kit" who came second from bottom and thus secured a bottle of wine in what was a competitive lower half of the table. Coming in penultimate place is a much sought position due to the prize and they did well to not do as poorly as "The Americans" who came dead last, but not quite as good as the team of "Your Mum" who came third from last.
A fun night for all involved.

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