Hop Poles Thu, Feb 01 2018 19:00

Burgers Are Brilliant

James B

Another fantastic week where the winning team got to play The Jackpot Game (Spoiler Alert).
After the winners last week there was little chance of the £50 being won but luckily all teams won some fun.
Second to last place was held by 'Pickle Team' who got a bottle of wine (white).
The winners of the quiz were their friends 'Burger & Chips Please, No Mayo' who got the £30 pub quiz.
Alas they didn’t magically pick the Jackpot envelope but they did get a piece of life advice from the Quizmaster (a very worldly and wise man).
The advice was this:
“To increase the battery life of your iPhone, put the f*cking thing down.”
Next week the jackpot is £74 so be there!!

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