Hop Poles Thu, Sep 21 2017 19:00

First quiz is hot at Hop Poles

James B

What a fantastic first quiz at the Hop Poles this week.
Our teams were very competitive (to the point of almost violence) and there were a lot of prizes to be won.
One team won a Pina Colada (well done Peter) and one team won a round of shots during the “Shot Through The Heart” bonus round.
Second to last were the duo, “Stonecutters” who got a bottle of wine but the winners of the evening were the Quizee Rascals with a staggering 41 points! The took away a £30 bar tab (which they spent very quickly).
In the jackpot game “In First Place” got a chance at winning the jackpot but walked away with a packet of crisps each, meaning that next week the jackpot will be £71! Only a FOOL would miss a chance at that!

Top Teams
Quizee Rascals
Andy’s Hair
In First Place
The Big Poles