Hop Poles Thu, Nov 09 2017 19:00

IMPORTANT NEWS: Alcohol does improve intelligence

James B

Another big night of fun quiz times with a lot of regular teams (and some newbies) returning to try and win the £79 Jackpot (and the £30 Jackpot).
We had one genius lady (who I want to call Lizzy?) who won both free drink questions!
We had the Latecomers coming second to last and winning a bottle of wine (very respectable seeing as they missed 16 questions).
We had the 'Mulan Rouge Karaoke Dance Part'y finally taking a victory of £30, despite being rather drunk indeed. They spent the money on a round of shots and we hope they survive the night.
Finally we had the Jackpot Game which was so tense, several people almost died. Two teams drew on the question which meant a sudden death scenario. Tom from 'The Latecomers' and Rich from the 'Quizzly Bears' battled it out in a topless mud wrestling competition (more commonly known as Rock Paper Scissors) in which Rich won victorious.
Alas he did not win the jackpot of £79, instead getting a hug from the quizmaster (and indeed, seemed quite taken with him).
This means that next week we have a jackpot of £104 up for grabs so see you there!

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